Dried Edible Mixed Flowers


Drink Botanicals Ireland’s edible, 100% natural dried edible flowers can be put to many different uses, but our favourite has to be using them as a cocktail garnish. 2 year shelf life.

Whether you’re a mixologist seeking to elevate your cocktail creations, a pastry chef aiming to add a touch of elegance to your cakes, or a tea enthusiast exploring unique herbal infusions, our edible dried flowers are the perfect choice.

Our edible dried colour flowers can also be used for making delicious tea blends, baking, decorating cakes, making handmade soaps and much more!

Not only that, they can also be used as a 100% natural & compostable confetti.

For cocktails : Enhance your drink with a single dried flower to impart a delightful floral aroma and add a touch of decorative elegance.

2-year shelf life ensures minimal waste and maximum freshness!

  • Approximate servings:
    20g = 25 + flowers
    40g = 50+ flowers
    100g =  120 + flowers


Dried Edible Mixed Flowers
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